Overmolding Materials: What You Need to Know Before the Selection Process

When it comes to selecting overmolding materials, the most critical factor is making sure the materials are compatible.

Materials must bond together both chemically and physically in order to produce a strong finished component with a long service life.

If materials are not compatible you may end up with component deformation or other overmolding failures.

Since there are thousands of overmolding material combinations to choose from, the selection process typically involves engineered resin specialists. These specialists can advise on innate properties, bonding compatibilities, regulatory compliance, cost, appearance and other key aspects.

Some of the most common overmolding materials include:

Choosing the right overmolding materials is critical to your component’s success in its application and in the marketplace. See our Engineering Resins Material Guide for more information.

Why Choose PMC?

At PMC, we utilize strong partnerships with resin manufacturers to develop special-purpose resins for mission-critical applications.

Most of the engineered resins used at PMC can be further improved with additives like glass, talc and minerals.

When it comes to choosing overmolding materials, start the resin selection process at PMC.

We help manufacturers from a wide range of industries with their material selection process to ensure their components are poised for success during the next phase and well beyond their release.

In addition to providing plastic overmolding services, PMC provides a comprehensive range of other plastic molding services including mold design assistance, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing.

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