PEI Resin

PEI Resin Characteristics & Uses

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PEI Resin Material Data Sheet

Chemical NamePolyetheretherketone
Specific Gravity1.27
Melting Point424°F-464°F
Deflection Temperature392°F-446°F
Service Temperature338°F
ApplicationsPEI resin is ideal for applications that require high physical strength, high temperature stability, excellent electrical insulation properties, and where flame retardance is needed. Some common applications for PEI resin include:

  • Automotive Exterior

  • Automotive Interior

  • Appliance Housings

  • Bearings

  • Metal Replacements/Alternatives

  • Medical Devices


  • Cost-Effective PEEK Alternative

  • Heat Resistant

  • Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion


  • Lower Impact Strength than PEEK

  • Notch-Sensitive

  • High Processing Temperatures Required

  • Attacked by Strong Bases & Partially Halogenated Solvents

  • Limited Colorability