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Employment Opportunities at PMC

“We are only as strong as our employees. We take great pride in our employees because they take great pride in producing quality components.”

We are particularly proud of the high caliber of our employees, and of our comprehensive five-year employee training program for our technical people, which we believe is unique in the plastic injection molding industry. This self-study course is presented through 17 technical courses conducted on interactive video disks. Pay increases and bonuses are based on progress in the course, as indicated by a formal evaluation including periodic written, practical and oral tests. To learn more about our unique training programs you can visit Paulson’s Website or RJG’s Website

Plastic Molded Concepts (PMC) is constantly looking at expansions, acquisitions, and other growth enhancements which we believe will help provide both our current and future members with excellent opportunities for personal and professional growth, challenge, security, and financial rewards. PMC offers a variety of bonus programs designed to improve the company’s performance while enhancing your take home pay. In addition, our comprehensive benefits package provides a variety of excellent programs to help ensure your well-being now and into the future.

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