Luer Caps

Our ready-to-ship Polypropylene luer caps are non-tethered and non-vented. Luer cap color options include blue, white and natural. Standard box quantity is 10,000.

Luer caps are ideal for protective capping and intermittent capping of syringes, catheters, IVs, stopcock valves, hypothermic devices and more.

Our luer caps are designed to prevent curing and drying of material within syringes, while reducing occurrences of compromised sterile handling.

See below for luer cap product numbers and specs.

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Item Number Material Vented Color  
501-1193-2903 Polypropylene No White   More
501-1193-2501 Polyethylene No Natural   More
501-1193-2502 Polyethylene No Blue   More
501-1193-2503 Polyethylene No White   More