Scientific Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding Services for Mission-Critical Applications

Injection Molding is a process for creating plastic parts by using a combination of heat and pressure to inject resin into a mold cavity. Plastic Molded Concepts has decades of experience providing parts as a prototype and production supplier.

Our plastic injection molding expertise includes:

We provide both horizontal and vertical plastic injection molding services. We provide multi-shot and insert injection molding, as well as overmolding with multiple materials. We also operate different types of manufacturing cells for post-molding assembly.

The Science of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic Molded Concepts provides advanced capabilities in the chemistry and physics of molding.

Our specialists maintain close partnerships with resin manufacturers and others to help you select engineered grade resins tailored to your application.

Our Master Moldmaker helps you understand the dynamic processes that take place in the shot, and how that affects the finished part.

Every injection molded part is the result of a complex series of changes in phase, temperature and pressure. The plastic injection molder you select needs to be able to see past pellets and sprues and provide insight into the challenges that take place on a molecular level.

We deliver on that promise, and ship parts that our customers can use with security, confidence and safety.

Specialists in Challenging Projects

Plastic injection molding is a critical manufacturing technique in many industries today. Scientific injection molding is a data-driven and scientific approach to this type of plastic molding. PMC supports and utilizes these scientific concepts and practices.

We use cavity pressure sensing to gain greater control over the plastic injection molding process. This provides outstanding quality and consistency from part to part.

Along with other precision techniques, PMC can shorten cycle times, increase machine efficiency and deliver quality parts with tighter tolerances.

This technology has become our tool to support a lean manufacturing culture and reduced waste by providing a predictable molding process.

We can achieve even greater precision by machining plastic parts after molding. This provides unmatched tolerances on resins with challenging shrink rates, or parts with complex geometries.

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