New Plastic Product Design and Development

The Age of Innovation for New and Improved Plastic Products

Over the past 10 years, the demand for innovative, new plastic products has gained incredible traction.

OEMs are being pushed to include parts that are lighter, faster, stronger and less expensive than metal-based ones. Where possible, OEMs are moving away from the safety net of metal, and moving toward the innovative possibilities of engineered resins.

While OEMs are advancing their existing products, entrepreneurs are carving out innovative products that solve age-old problems or inconveniences.

We have entered the age of innovation in new plastic product design and development. This exciting, new era is expected to explode and continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

New Plastic Product Design & Development

Unfortunately, many of today’s plastic molders do not have the expertise, capabilities or resources to cater to the needs of new plastic product design and development.

PMC has helped produce new plastic parts for various industries, including:

In fact, one of the new plastic parts we helped design and develop was used in a very small medical device – the rights were purchased for $20 million!

PMC is passionate about moving our world forward in this exciting age of innovation. If you have new plastic product ideas, we want to hear from you!

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Whether you’re improving an existing product or you’re creating an entirely new plastic product, we have the in-house Master Molders, state-of-the art robotics and resin suppliers to meet your plastic part design and/or development needs.

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