Dedicated Cell Program

Reserve a Dedicated Cell at PMC for Ultimate Convenience & Cost-Savings in Your Plastic Injection Molding Projects

PMC now offers a Dedicated Cell Manufacturing Program for your plastic injection molding projects. This exclusive program means you have machines that are solely dedicated to your projects. Our Dedicated Cell Manufacturing Program provides ultimate convenience, lead time efficiency, production speed, and cost savings.

See more details & benefits below to see if our Dedicated Cell Manufacturing Program is right for your company.

Lead Times

  • No lead time for production scheduling.
  • No lead time for beginning production.
  • Lead time often depends on how long it takes to get the materials to start the production.
  • Lead time often depends on the molder’s schedule.
  • Customers can store extra material in our warehouse (at a modest charge) to reduce lead time for ordering more material.
  • We give customers a credit on their invoice for parts using the materials left in storage, helping you save money and resources by eliminating new order lead time.
  • Customers must schedule deliveries based on length-of-time production of quantities orders actually take to produce.

Production Time

  • Production can begin within 48 hours from approved purchase order.


  • Products will be shipped by quantities and promise dates as stated in customer contracts with PMC.


  • Agreement to utilize 4,500 of available 6,000 hours annually.
  • Unused hours will be invoiced at the end of the term, or 6,000 hours at an hourly rate depending on machines involved in cell.
  • Contract must be for a minimum of 3 years (substitutions permitted).

Number of Molds

  • The amount of molds a customer can assign to a manufacturing cell can be determined through discussions with PMC.

Machine Downtime

  • Maintenance downtime will not be charged to customers.
  • We reserve the right to move a customer’s project to a different manufacturing cell if/when lengthy downtime and machinery repairs occur.

Mold Maintenance

  • Customers will NOT be charged for normal machine or mold cleaning for preventive maintenance.
  • Mold repairs due to normal wear and tear will be brought to customers’ attention before any action occurs. Customers will be provided repair quotes.
  • Customer has obligation to maintain tool quality in order not to add any requirements for trimming of parts or other unforeseen secondary operation due to tooling deterioration.

Award-Winning Quality Assurance Programs

  • Over a decade making mission critical parts with zero defects.
  • We serialize mission critical products traceable to 100% proof of dimensional tolerance.
  • Exceptional processing capabilities.
  • We provide defective part solutions that customers could not find elsewhere.
  • Training programs for our technicians from the inventors of the game-changing Process Control Technology.


Contact PMC for any additional questions related to our Dedicated Cell Manufacturing Program