Molding Services

Comprehensive Plastic Molding Services from Industry Experts

At PMC, we specialize in a number of plastic molding services, including:

Our plastic injection molding machines range from 28 ton to 1100 ton capacities. This allows us to provide virtually any short or long run production you require. We also offer tool room maintenance, ensuring we are capable of producing and end product to the most demanding tolerances and specifications.

Our engineered resins are not only used for durable goods but are also used for military, medical and industrial operations. We work with resin manufacturers to develop special purpose resins and applications to fit our clients’ needs.

Most of the materials used at Plastic Molded Concepts can be engineered with additives such as glass, talc, carbon fiber and other minerals. This gives our customers a wide range of materials to choose from and allows us to expertly fulfill their specific and special applications.

We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 company with an emphasis on quality and the practice of Good Manufacturing Processes. GMP provides systematic and critical checkpoints that insure quality control without delay in production. Our quality assurance systems can provide complete traceability from raw materials to final delivery.

It is the dedication of our engineers, managers and staff that gives our customers the advantage. We not only strive to ensure that our customers receive their custom parts to the specification they requested, but that we also provide them a cost effective and timely solution.

Plastic Molding Consulting

Whether you need plastic molding consulting for new product development or failure analysis on an existing molded part, we provide our expertise to both entrepreneurs and part  [...]

Mold Design Assistance

Our plastic injection mold design services have renewed multiple projects after our engineering department diagnosed and provided solutions for improper mold design.  [...]

Precision Plastic Molding & Scientific Injection Molding

Complicated part geometry, exotic engineered resins, and tight dimensional tolerances are processes that we thrive on and are an intrinsic part of our injection molding.  [...]


Our custom overmolding can give you a competitive advantage strengthened by our years of experience in the plastic molding industry.  [...]

Insert Molding

Reduce production costs with custom insert molding, just one of PMC’s areas of plastic molding expertise.  [...]

Plastic Welding Services

Plastic Molded Concepts offers a number of welding techniques to fulfill your specifications, including contact, hot plate, ultrasonic, and high frequency plastic welding.  [...]

New Product Design & Development

Improving an existing product or creating an entirely new one? We have the in-house Master Molders, state-of-the art robotics & resin suppliers to meet your needs!  [...]

Dedicated Cell Program

This exclusive program means you have machines solely dedicated to your projects., which offers ultimate convenience, lead time efficiency, production speed & cost savings.  [...]


Our value-add molding services can help streamline your manufacturing processes and reduce costs. Our facilities are equipped to provide you with turn-key solutions.  [...]