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Housings-40% Glass Filled Ultem Resin

Truck Window Screen – 33% Glass Filled Nylon Resin

Custom File Box – Polypropylene & ABS Resin

File Box – Polypropylene & ABS Resin

File Box – Polypropylene & ABS Resin

Insert Molding for Voltage Regulator Cover

Plastic Injection Molding for Filter Manufacturing

HDPE Resin for Gas Tank Assemblies

Polycarbonate for Control Panel Housing

Plastic Injection Molding for Hydraulic Reservoir

Overmolding Nylon & Versaflex for Inkwell Cap

Filters with Micron Screens

Plastic Overmolding Injection Manufacturing

Medical Neonatal Respirator

Carbuerator Bowl Float – PET Resin

LCP Resin for Connector Component

Garbage Disposal Chamber – Vinyl Resin

Glass Filled PVC Resin for Water Softener Part

Housing Components – Nylon & PVC Resins

Ultem Engineering Resin for Injection Molding

Engineering Resins of Levers & Handle

Acrylic Resin for Diagnostic Medical Application

X-Ray Machine Curtain Track & Engine Fan Guard

Engineering Resin Acetal

In-Line Air Filters

Plastic Injection Molding & Insert Molding by PMC

Injection Molding HDPE Resin Hydraulic Reservoir

Polyphenylene Sulfide for New Product

Injection Molding Services using Engineering Resin

Engineering Resin Crystal Styrene

Medical Lead-Lined Radioactive Carrier

Engineering Resin Lustran San 31 Crystal

Molding Services for Custom Plastic Components

Injection & Insert Molding Filter Prototype

Plastic Injection & Insert Molding Filter

Custom Injection Molding for Nylon Mesh Filter

Small Parts for Nylon Screen Filters

Plastic Sonic Welded Cap with Nylon Screen

Nylon Screen Filter

Filters with Nylon Screen

Custom Mold Making for Filter with Nylon Screen

Custom Mold for Nylon Mesh Screen Filter

Plastic Injection Molds for Nylon Screen Filter

Nylon Screen, Mold Threads & Sonic Weld Cap Filter

Filter with Nylon Screen Sonic Welded Cap

Filter with Nylon Screen

Filter with Nylon Screen

Custom Injection Molded Products

Overmolding & Injection with Engineering Resins

Automotive Application – Delrin Acetal Resin

Injection Molding Solutions with Santoprene Resin

Injection Molding for GSA Contract Manufacturing

Custom Injection Molded Parts for Industries

Plastic Injection Molding Finished Parts by PMC

Engineering Resins for Custom Parts

Engineered Resin Plastics for Various Applications