PUR Resin

PUR Resin Characteristics & Uses

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PUR Resin Material Data Sheet

Chemical NamePolyurethane
StrengthFlexible and Tough
Specific Gravity1.1
Shrinkage0.7% to 1.6%
Melting Point320°F
Deflection Temperature126-225°F
Service Temperature140°F
ApplicationsPUR is a true Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) that can be used in plastic molding for a variety of applications, including:

  • Automotive

  • Building & Construction

  • Casters

  • Gaskets

  • Bushings

  • Soft Touch Grips & Handles

AdvantagesPUR is a unique plastic resin that offers a number of advantages, such as:

  • Combined Toughness & Durability of Metal with the Elasticity of Rubber

  • Can be Repeatedly Stretched without Permanent Deformation

  • Does Not Require Curing or Vulcanization


  • Poor Thermal Capability

  • Poor Weatherability

  • Attacked by Most Solvents

  • Flammable

  • Utilizes Toxic Isocyanates