ASA Resin

ASA Resin Characteristics & Uses

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ASA Resin Material Data Sheet

Chemical NameAcrylate Styrene; Acrylonitrile
StrengthTough, UV-Resistant
Specific Gravity1.06-1.08
Shrinkage0.2 to 0.7%
Melting Point221°F
Deflection Temperature(Unannealed 170° to 218° F; (Annealed) 190° to 217° F
Service Temperature167°F
ApplicationsASA resin is commonly used for outdoor and automotive applications due to its strong weather resistance, color fade resistance, UV resistance and mechanical properties.

  • Exterior Siding

  • Automotive Side Mirror Housings

  • Signage

  • Marine Applications

  • Other Consumer Electronics


  • Weather Resistance

  • UV Resistance

  • Color Fade/Aging/Yellowing Resistance

  • Chemical Resistance

  • Toughness

  • Rigidity

  • Thermal Stability

DisadvantagesToxic smoke generated when burned