Glass Filled Nylon Injection Molding: Uses & Benefits

Polyamides are commonly known as nylon. They are one of the most used engineering thermoplastics. Nylon is extensively used for wire coatings and other electrical components. Glass filled nylon is the preferred choice when you need a tougher material, as it makes the nylon considerably stronger. 

Read on to learn how using this material can benefit you.

What is Glass Filled Nylon?

The addition of glass powder or fibers to nylon resin creates this engineering grade resin. Glass is added to polyamides to increase their mechanical strength, rigidity, and hardness. It also makes them more resistant to creep, wear, chemical exposure, and high temperatures.

These qualities make glass-reinforced polyamides superior to general purpose polyamides. The engineered resin has advantageous mechanical properties. It is suitable for injection molded parts that need to endure high static loads over long periods in high temperature environments.

Plastic Molded Concepts has expertise in molding with many different engineering-grade resins, including glass filled nylon.

We can help you select the right material to meet your application requirements.

What Are the Uses of Glass Filled Nylon?

Scientific plastic molding design, material processing, and process control are advancing. Glass filled nylon injection molding can create molded parts that replace metal parts. This is beneficial for applications that require a reduction in weight or noise.

Since the glass filled material is nonconductive, it is ideal for applications within the automotive and electrical industries. It is also a practical choice for manufacturing parts that handle electrical currents. 

Some common uses include:

  • Gears & bearings
  • Sprockets
  • Appliances
  • Wire coatings
  • Fan blades
  • Housings & enclosures

What Are the Benefits?

Glass filled nylon injection molding is a practical choice for creating durable molded parts that will encounter friction and wear. The main characteristics and benefits of molding with this material compared to general purpose nylon include: 

  • Higher mechanical strength and rigidity
  • Substantially harder 
  • Stiffer parts
  • More heat resistant & a lower thermal expansion rate
  • Higher creep and wear resistance
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • High mechanical damping properties
  • More resistant to chemical exposure

If you need a tougher material for your application, glass filled nylon could be an excellent choice.

Why Choose PMC?

Plastic Molded Concepts is a U.S based company that uniquely specializes in molding with engineered resins. We have been thriving in the plastic molding business for 45 years. We have the experience and certified in-house Master Molders, allowing us to take on projects of any complexity.

We provide a comprehensive range of plastic molding services including mold design assistance, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing.

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