Quality Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding with PMC

Our Plastic Injection Molding Quality Commitment

Plastic injection molding quality is a very real concern for manufacturers – particularly for those who produce mission critical parts. One of the unique advantages of plastic injection molding with PMC is our Quality Commitment to our customers.

How We Achieve it:

Our Quality Commitment is only achievable through scrupulous diligence, technically-trained industry talent, strong partnerships and robust capabilities.

Scrupulous Diligence with Quality Assurance

When it comes to plastic injection molding, quality assurance is key. PMC performs quality control systematically throughout the entire process, as well as at critical checkpoints.

Even with our diligence & attention to detail, there is never a delay in production time.

In conjunction with manual quality control checks, our advanced ISO9001: 2015 Quality Assurance Systems are able to provide complete traceability from raw materials to final delivery. If there’s ever a product that’s returned with a defect, we can track down the exact source.

If a defect occurs, our Quality Assurance Systems help us identify where in the chain that breakdown happened. It also helps protect the highly regarded PMC name – one that we’ve worked so hard to build.

Technically-Trained Industry Talent with Master Molders

PMC is one of the few plastic injection molding companies who has in-house Master Molders (there are less than 1,000 Master Molders in the entire world).

Master Molders receive rigorous technical training through exclusive professional programs that are highly regarded in the industry. Through their extensive training, Master Molders become revered experts in molding analysis, troubleshooting & solution delivery.

Strong Partnerships with Resin Manufacturers

PMC has built strong partnerships with various resin manufacturers throughout the U.S. We leverage these partnerships to develop special purpose engineering resins that meet our clients’ specific application requirements.

Robust Capabilities in Molding & Post-Molding Operations

PMC has robust capabilities in plastic injection molding, as well as post-molding operations. Our capabilities include:

  • In-Mold Decoration
  • Precision Machining
  • Thermal Fusion
  • Post-Molding Decoration
  • Assemblies & Packaging

Cost Effective & Timely

PMC is known in the industry for being able to fulfill customer demands for high quality, low cost, short lead times and adaptability. Our goal is to exceed client expectations every step of the way.

Industries that Trust PMC

PMC works with a lot of big name manufacturers out there – most of which we are not legally able to disclose. What we can tell you is that we specialize in providing plastic injection molding services for mission critical parts in various industries, such as aerospace & military, medical, electronics and others.

Customers come to PMC because they know we’re able to meet the most demanding tolerances and specifications. They also know we’re dedicated to moving their products into the market as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Today, PMC has helped customers successfully develop & launch 10,000+ plastic molded products.

Whether customers come to us from the very beginning or after they run into issues with their current plastic injection molder, they know they’re in some of the best hands in the industry with PMC.

U.S. Plastic Injection Molder Specializing in Engineering Resins & Complex Molding Issues

Plastic Molded Concepts is a U.S based company that uniquely specializes in molding with engineered resins. We have been thriving in the plastic molding business for 45 years. We have the experience and certified in-house Master Molders, allowing us to take on projects of any complexity.

PMC is well known in the industry for being able to troubleshoot and solve complex molding issues. We offer a comprehensive range of plastic molding services including mold design assistance, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing.

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