Looking for a Better Job? Find out Why PMC is such a Rare Find!

A Company that Invests in Your Success Because You Invest in Its

Looking for a better job? Maybe something with more benefits, higher pay, a closer commute or all of the above?

Most companies in the industrial & manufacturing sectors get a bad rap because of the apparent lack of investment in their staff, which can include everything from pay to working conditions.

At PMC, we’re only as strong as our employees, which is why we invest so much into their success. We wouldn’t be the industry leader we are today without the hearts and minds of our dedicated team members.

There are a lot of advantages to working at PMC –beyond great pay & comprehensive benefits.

Working with PMC will get you the education & skills you need to be a top performer, get pay raises, bonuses and promotions!

Find out a more about what makes PMC such a rare find & what it means for you!

A highly successful plastic injection molding company for nearly 50 yearsThe success and longevity of our company  means you’ll have reliable job security.
A company that continues to grow its customer base, workforce & business operationsOur continued growth & in-demand stature means you’ll be working for a highly reputable, highly successful industry leader.
Fast-PacedOur fast-paced environment means work is never boring & your shift goes by fast!
Invested in its employeesThe investment we put into our employees means you get the training, pay, benefits & culture you need to be successful.
A manufacturer of mission-critical parts for industries like Aerospace, Medical, Military/Defense & more!As a key manufacturer of mission-critical parts, you get to be involved in innovating the future for many different industries.
An advocate of skill advancement & trainingAs an advocate of education, you get the upfront & ongoing training you need to not only be successful in your job, but to be positioned at the top of your field.
Located in close proximity to multiple cities and suburbsOur close proximity to neighboring cities & suburbs means a short commute to/from hubs like Milwaukee, Madison, Waukesha & Walworth Counties.

Check out our current openings now, or send us your resume & we’ll do our best to find a position that’s right for you!

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