Changing Plastic Injection Molding Companies? Make Sure You Bring This in the Transition!

Why Historical Data is so Important When Changing Plastic Molding Companies

If you’re changing plastic injection molding companies, it’s extremely important to include your product’s molding historical data in the transition process.

This historical data should encompass all the original and modified key variables included in the plastic molded part.

Providing your new plastic molding company with this information will drastically reduce time needed for investigation, analysis and response to a number of critical variables.

Historical Data Examples:

Some examples of critical variables in molding historical data, include:

  • Resin Material Selection, Supplier & Specifications
  • Molding Process
  • Molding Machines used in Production (make & model)
  • Melt Temperature
  • Barrel Temperature
  • Mold Temperature
  • Fill Rate
  • Cavity Pressure
  • Peak Pressure

Historical data can also shed critical insights into molding conditions and illuminate solutions to correct inconsistencies and/or inefficiencies.

Molding Error Examples:

Problems with plastic molded parts can be caused by numerous errors, including:

  • Resin
  • Process
  • Machine
  • Tooling
  • Human Operator

Being able to efficiently identify and correct molding inconsistencies can also help reduce scrap, downtime, turnaround time, rework & overall cost.

In addition to correcting molding issues, access to historical data can also serve as a key jumping point for improving product performance and/or appearance.

Need the Help of a Scientific Plastic Molding Company to Improve Your Product?

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NOTE: When it comes to historical data, the only way to prove data is through the 4 variables in scientific plastic injection molding: Plastic Pressure, Resin Melt Temperature, Cavity Pressure & Mold Cooling Rate. Without the investigation and analysis of these variables, any historical data provided cannot be proven.

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