Started from the Bottom – Now I’m Here…& You Can Be Too!

How a Career with PMC Molds You for Success Now & in the Future!

Larry Floyd – President of Plastic Molded Concepts (PMC):

Plastic Injection Molding Careers Openings

“I remember those days when my parents would tell me to get a college degree and become someone to be proud of.  Wow, what pressure!  I just couldn’t see myself sitting behind a desk all day, every day. It all sounded so boring!

Then I started to really think about what exactly I wanted to do when I grew up. I decided to do a self-audit of all my interests and hobbies. What I figured out was that I was always curious about how things worked.

My first real job was a machine operator in a plastic injection molding factory. The first week was boring, but I decided I really needed the money so I started looking around and asking lots of questions.

Then, one of the technical people came over to me and asked if I wanted to learn how to handle materials. I jumped at the opportunity to move around and learn something new.

Pretty soon I was promoted up to a Material Handler. After that I was trained to be a person that sets the molds in the machines. Within a year I was starting the machines and training new operators!

Well, I fell in love with the plastic molding business. That was 1963. Just 12 years later I started my own business, Plastic Molded Concepts, which has survived & thrived for the last 42 years.

Wow, how time flies when you love what you do! When I was in college I never dreamed I’d have a job that I still liked after all these years. I still enjoy coming to work every day!

What about you?  Are you curious? We make incredible products that help shape the future.

We make device components that help our military defend themselves, and make it possible to return home to their families safely.

We make medical device components that save lives.

We make hundreds of different types of filters, some that are used in jet aircraft fuel systems, hydraulic powered systems, water systems and many other filter applications.

We even helped develop a device that is being used to research space-born radiation activity!

In our 42 year history we have developed 10,000+ products that have helped mold the future of industries across the world.

At PMC, we give you the skills you need to succeed in your career – whether as an injection molding engineer, molding machine operator, material handler, or any of the other positions we have waiting for you!”

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