How to: Pick a Good Molding Company

Are you a plastic parts buyer? Are you struggling to find a partnership with a valuable molder? PMC (Plastic Molded Concepts) is here to help you. We understand identifying a respectable molding company is crucial to your company’s success. It is important to prioritize the process of choosing a good molder. Let’s review a few questions that will assist you in finding a beneficial teammate to support your company’s commitment to quality.

Education and Training:

  1. Is the new molding house educated on your company’s needs? Are they updated on the processing manuals supplied by the material manufacturer? Your molding company should be aware of the mechanical properties that were advertised and defined in the literature provided by the material manufacturer. Your engineering department believed these mechanical properties to be important, therefore they should be known and implemented. They will ultimately result in the survival of your product in its finished environment.
  2. Does my new molder have the proper knowledge to process the resin of my choice? Do they know how to utilize the best molding practices? Are they aware of resin drying time, heat history, and molding temperatures, etc., etc.? Be sure your new molder is aware of your machine settings. This is crucial in determining a dependable and high quality outcome for your products.
  3. Does the prospective molder have an effective training program for the employees? Are the employees aware of expectations, processes, and deadlines? Communicate your needs with your potential partner.
  4. Does the new molding house know how to handle raw materials; specifically the materials that will develop new products?  Knowledge of the materials is essential in the molding technique.


  1. How about regrind?  Does the new molding company know what materials can be reground and blended back into the molding process? Are they aware of the specific ratios of materials? The process by which your molder executes the creation of your products is imperative to dependable results.
  2. Have you evaluated the cleanliness of the new molding house? Are the scrap grinders properly cleaned and prepared to prevent contamination? How should the materials be handled throughout the process in order to achieve goals in the final production (ie: should parts be handled with gloves?). Take a tour of the molding company and evaluate the working conditions.


  1. Can you trust your molding house to properly do the job? Do you have an honest and reliable relationship with your new partner? Good communication with your new molder is imperative to satisfying results. Continuous interaction with your new partner and creating a solid foundation of your business relationship will only benefit the development process.
  2. Quality versus Quantity: Is cost the important aspect of your project?  Quality stands the test of time; it may not be obvious until parts fail to do their job in the finished product. You supply your customers with reliable products. Be sure your molding company is supplying you with a dependable process.

Think about these questions when choosing your molder. Relay these questions to your potential molding company. Remember – education, trust, communication, and quality of work are vital to a long-lasting business relationship. Ask the questions and get some answers. This will assist you in finding and maintaining a dependable partnership.

Larry K Floyd
President, Plastic Molded Concepts

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