Are You Using the Right Plastic Injection Molder for Your Application?

Plastic Injection Molders – The Critical Difference Between Engineering Grade vs Commodity

In the plastic injection molding world, not all companies are created equal. There are 2 types of injection molding companies, those who specialize in Engineering-Grade Resins and those who work with Commodity Resins.


When you think of Commodity, think of mass molding production for traditional markets that do not require extreme durability for their intended application, such as plastic drinking cups, wastebaskets, plastic picnic condiments, file boxes, throw-away products, etc.

These plastic injection molders use what are called commodity resins, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These are common resins that are not engineered for extreme conditions.

The market is saturated with commodity molders, both domestically and internationally – particularly in China.


When you think of Engineering-Grade, think of specialized or custom plastic injection molding production for products that must withstand exceptional conditions. Engineering-grade molders typically provide molding services for demanding markets, such as military & aerospace, medical & pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial, etc.

Engineering plastic injection molders use what is called engineering-grade resins, such as PEEK and PPS.

Engineering resins accounted for approximately 18% of total consumption last year. Demand for engineering resins is predicted to increase significantly, particularly in the medical market where there is a growing need for higher performing materials in applications like surgical instruments, diagnostic testing, drug-delivery systems & more.

If you believe your application falls into the Engineering-Grade category, but you’re using a Commodity molder – that’s the first and most important correction you need to make.

Plastic Injection Molder Specializing in Engineering Resins

Plastic Molded Concepts is a U.S based plastic injection molder who specializes in molding with engineering resins. We make mission critical products with engineering grade plastics, particularly for medical, aerospace, military and government applications. PMC offers a comprehensive range of plastic molding services including mold design assistance, modeling, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing.

We have been thriving in the plastic molding business for 45 years. We have the experience and certified in-house Master Molders, allowing us to take on projects of any complexity.

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