7 Qualifications to Look for in a Medical Injection Molding Company

Plastic Injection Molding for the Medical Industry Requires Highest Standards in Product Performance, Manufacturability & Industry Regulation Compliance

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Not every plastic injection molding company has the capabilities & expertise to produce medical components with the highest standards in product performance, manufacturability and industry regulation compliance.

To ensure you select a qualified medical injection molding company, make sure they meet these 7 criteria:

  1. Provide expert advice on plastic resin selection for device application & environment, as well as mating and bonding compatibility
  2. Execute manufacturing processes that conform to various requirements for regulatory agencies in the U.S. and worldwide
  3. Provide proven expertise in molding dynamics & shot control, particularly with multi-cavity molds and long production runs
  4. Provide comprehensive molding services, from mold design assistance to final component assembly
  5. Optimize plastic injection molding for cost and manufacturability
  6. Offer value-add molding services like in-mold decoration & pad printing
  7. Offer advanced molding processes for cost-effective production

At PMC, we can produce entire medical components in-house – from resin selection to finished components. We are also able to successfully optimize plastic injection molding processes for product performance, cost and manufacturability, while adhering to strict industry regulations.

Please note, we make components for medical devices – not end-use medical products. For more information regarding FDA requirements, please click here.

*Medical products developed for customers to their standards and requirements*

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