Top 10 Material Considerations for Overmolding Medical Devices

When it comes to overmolding medical devices, material considerations are critical.

All materials must seamlessly mate and bond with each other to ensure medical device integrity.

Careful consideration must also be paid to device-intended applications and environment exposure.

Below, are the top 10 material considerations for overmolding medical devices:

  1. Sterilization
  2. Radiation
  3. High Heat
  4. Chemical Exposure
  5. Flame Retardancy
  6. Impact Resistance
  7. Melting Point
  8. Biocompatibility
  9. Solvent Resistance
  10. Cost

For additional guidance on proper material selection, visit our engineering resins material guide.

Please note, we make components for medical devices – not end-use medical products. For more information regarding FDA requirements, please click here.

*Medical products developed for customers to their standards and requirements*

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