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Plastic Mold Design Services Enhance Manufacturability & Cost-Efficiencies

Many plastic mold design projects have landed with PMC because others were not able to manufacture a product the way the customer had intended.

Our plastic mold design services have renewed multiple projects after our engineering department diagnosed and provided solutions for improper mold design.

Our Master Molders typically find issues with mold gate design, which leads to the part having too much molded-in stress for the finished product to survive in its intended environment.

We pride ourselves in helping the customer by becoming involved early in the plastic mold design process. Getting involved early helps prevent design and quality challenges before the molding process even begins. It also helps prevent costly and sometimes catastrophic end-use product failures.

At PMC, Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is used to launch new products with design and manufacturing processes that ensure all of your cost, quality and delivery expectations are met.

We make use of best practice manuals, quality history and error proofing to identify the design process that will provide zero defects at competitive pricing.

We also offer tool construction project management, first article testing and final approval of all dimensions to meet your requirements.

At PMC, we know how to make a product more manufacture-able and more cost-efficient.

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