Insert Molding

Custom Insert Molding

Insert molding is a plastic injection molding process where plastic is injected into a cavity and around an insert piece (or pieces) and placed into the same cavity just prior to molding. The resulting product of this process is a single piece with the insert or inserts encapsulated by the plastic.

Insert molding expands the capabilities of plastic and can help lower overall product cost by reducing the amount of costly metals needed to manufacture products. An insert can be made of metal or another plastic. This type of molding was initially developed to place threaded inserts in molded parts, and to encapsulate the wire-plug connection on electrical cords.

We extend this molding process to accomplish things that other molders cannot (or will not!). Depending on the size of the part, a multi-cavity mold can be manufactured to increase production. Secondary post-molding operations are sometimes required to complete the assembly.

Custom Insert Molding Gallery

Check out examples of our custom insert plastic injection molding using our specialized filtration application.

Custom Insert Molding of Micron-Rated Screens

Filtration is a specialized application of insert molding. The engineers at PMC have years of training and experience developing innovative filtration & contamination control solutions for a broad range of commercial applications. These include custom filters for drinking water, paint, small and large appliances, heavy equipment and recreational vehicles.

If you’ve ever experienced a catastrophic product failure caused by contamination, you’re intimately aware that there’s more to designing custom filters than simply fitting filtration within an allotted space.

Our engineers think outside the box when it comes to filter and screen design, generating ideas that are both effective in controlling contaminants and cost-effective to produce.

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