Product Failure Analysis Services

Plastic Part Failure Analysis

Plastic Molded Concepts provides product failure analysis services to unveil plastic injection molding issues through forensic insights. Our analysis involves a systematic investigation to identify the root causes of failure in injection molded products.

Through material assessment, mold inspection, defect analysis, and historical data review, our failure analysis services delves deep into uncovering hidden problems such as dimensional inaccuracies, material issues, and problems in mold design. Failure analysis through forensic research can help enhance product quality, optimize processes, and achieve cost and time efficiency. This involves preventing expensive rework, minimizing scrap, and eliminating the need for additional processing steps.

You can count on our years of experience, scientific knowledge, and cutting-edge tools to bring your product back to the market quickly and live up to a reasonable expectation of a long market presence. Tackle your product failure challenges with PMC by your side. Contact our experts today for a quote or additional information.

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