Through Automation

How robots are redefining efficiency and preserving the manufacturing industry.

Photo Courtesy of HAHN Group GmbH

I’m always fascinated by how few people in plastics care enough to invest in technology and yet keep running into products they can’t make. We’re constantly involved in continuous education at all levels of our company.
– Larry Floyd, CEO

From 1975, 44+ Years of growth and transformation

The Beginning
Floyd founds Plastic Molded Concepts (PMC) in Eagle, WI.
Branching Out
PMC expands their industries and begins manufacturing aerospace products.
Changing Hands
Floyd Buys PMC after being sold to another company for three years.
The Push to Optimize
PMC has developed and launched over 10,000 customer molded products.

Surviving a Changing Economic Environment

In 2017, PMC was hit hard by the labor shortage in the manufacturing industry and turned to automation to solve the operating problems. In the middle of 2017, PMC struggles to stay profitable and began falling behind with on-time product deliveries. Finally the company said, ‘OK this is a permanent thing and we have to automate.’

A High performing, Highly Collaborative Robot

Sawyer does tasks that are impractical for traditional robots. Sawyer is a cost efficient tool in every step of the injection molding process from product inspection to machine tending.

Primary Features

  • Arms with a 1260 mm reach to work in tight spaces.
  • Force sensing capabilities to work safely next to people.
  • Build in sensing joints to control where careful insertion is critical.

MiR and the Future of PMC

By the end of summer 2019 there will be a new robot on the floor. MiR Robots are revolutionary in automating internal transportation and logistics. These robots optimize workflow, increase productivity, and ultimately reduce costs.

Primary Features

  • Transports payloads up to 220 lbs.
  • Built in cameras and sensors allow MiRs to identify their surroundings.
  • Ability to push carts and deliveries to increase productivity.

Have a problem no one else can solve?

Ensuring High Quality Products

We see a market niche in our industry and have been able to grow into other industries like aerospace and defense. Providing mission critical hardware for the US military has been a testament to PMC's high quality products.

What I see in the future is a massive automation program to bring the notion of an entry level wage to a level where there will not be any such thing as an entry level job as we have now or will be seen in the future.
– Larry Floyd, CEO

Redefining Entry Level Jobs

MiR Robots quickly automates internal transportation and logistics. The robot optimizes workflows, freeing staff resources so the company can increase productivity and reduce costs.

New Requirements

  • Machine operators will be trained to become qualified technicians on how to handle the robots.
  • Operators will be in the work cells and trained on quality, how to measure parts, and machine parts.
  • More advanced post molding training will be required.

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