Injection Molding for Food Packaging

Plastic Molding Services for the Food Storage and Service Industry

A plastic molded tray for the food service industry that contains 12 individual molds.Plastic Molded Concepts provides molding services for high precision engineered components that are used for food storage and retail packaging. For example, we mold catering trays and bowls from glass-filled or other materials that combine high strength with long-lasting finish. Many of these products are designed for low-cost, high volume molding. We also provide plastic molding services for high precision engineered components in food service machinery.

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Our Processes and Materials

A display of black and white filters in different sizes.Our services cover everything from food storage and packaging to food machinery and equipment. We take pride in working with long lasting and strategically selected materials such as engineered resins to provide strength and dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures. Our dedication to the best materials ensures each plastic molded part is made to reach exact requirements for its application and environment.

We understand the need to meet regulations of agencies like the National Science Foundation and The Restriction of hazardous Substances Directive. Not only do we make sure our end products are clear of any imperfections or blemishes, but we maintain strict traceability records on all materials we are using in our plastic molding processes.

The PMC Advantage

The blue PMC logo.Plastic Molded Concepts is dedicated to driving the best results in every project we take on. Our facilities provide many value-added capabilities to save you time, money, and give you a great product.

  • Quick turn around time on short and long run orders
  • Keeping waste to a minimum
  • Expertise in product design for the perfect dimensional tolerances
  • Post molding machining and fabrication
  • Insert molding

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