Electronic Injection Molding

Engineered Plastic Molding for Electronic Components Manufacturers

PMC provides plastic molding for electronic components for a variety of applications, such as structural applications, including boards and switch components, as well as enclosures and supports for finished systems.

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Materials & Processes

Insert Molding and Overmolding ServicesAs a plastic molder specializing in engineered resins, we’re able to work with customers to strategically select the best materials for special dielectric properties (or, in some cases, the ability to conduct electricity).

Plastic Molded Concepts is also experienced in molding with glass-filled resins and other compounds that provide strength and shock-resistance. There are several materials, including silicons, that stand up to high temperatures and resist multiple acids and non-polar solvents.

We also assist in material selection for electronic enclosures and physical supports based on properties, such as strength and ability to withstand high temperature, sunlight and physical shock.

Many electronic enclosures we mold are designed to protect equipment from water, and include complicated gasketing components. We can also provide multishot molding to eliminate a separate, post-molding gasket insertion.

Enclosures involving fasteners often require insert molding, which is another molding service we provide to the electronics industry.

Special Considerations

Delrin Plastic Injection Molding AutomotiveWhen certain capabilities are implemented at the customer’s location, there can be significant capital expense for manufacturing electronic systems involving fabrication and other operations to deliver a finished product. Outsourcing these capabilities with PMC allows you to turn a fixed expense into a variable cost, and reduces inventory and purchasing costs.

Plastic Molded Concepts provides qualified electronic component assembly. This work is performed in an air-conditioned environment on ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) safe work cells.

We can also complete the supply chain by handling purchasing of customer-specified components, so you only manage one SKU, not several.

How to Get the Best Results

The blue PMC logo.To get the best results electronics manufacturers partner with PMC early in the process. They look downstream from molding to delivery of the finished product, which eliminates cost and time delays at every step.

Time to market is an especially important consideration for electronics manufacturers. Even manufacturers that typically work with foreign suppliers find that they get better results by ‘Onshoring’ their molding operations at PMC.

As a centrally-located U.S. plastic molding company we can reduce time-to-market and turn a project into a revenue-generator quickly.

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