Crazy Jobs No One Else Will Do

We aren’t under the illusion that we are the only injection molding company that will do Crazy Jobs No One Else Will Do. However, we really get a kick out of taking on the difficult jobs others seem to pass up because there always seems to be enough work that is much easier to do. What we mean is that we will use difficult resins that don’t just fall out of the press with perfect parts. We mean that we will mold any insert you can think of into your part. We mold shapes that can’t be molded in a single step or parts with more than one type of plastic or color. We mold parts with dimensional accuracies that aren’t achievable with the injection molding process alone.

After molding a plastic part, we then proceed through a set of special post molding processes, where we are able to bring the critical dimension into a much closer tolerance limit and hold dimensions within +/- .00025 inches.

At Plastic Molded Concepts, we have redefined the limits of close tolerances. Using creativity, expertise, and years of engineering experience, our Master Molder, in house technicians, and toolmakers will solve your molding problem when others cannot.

Shooting parts with crazy shapes, materials and impossible tolerances isn’t enough. We do it with impeccable quality and consistency. Our work in the military, medical and aerospace industries doesn’t allow for errors. We do what we say we can do and our ISO9001 quality system requires us to do just that. Certified gauges, and process controls simply do not allow us to ship out of tolerance parts. Sometimes that means doing extra inspections and in-process measurements so that’s what we do. Everyone knows that a failure in the field is far more expensive than one detected in the factory so we can and will ensure no escape from our factory. If your crazy, beyond difficult, or impossible part needs to be molded using Engineering-grade materials and with the same care as you designed into your product, then let us help you where other molders have failed.

We do not believe that there is any statistical process that will guarantee 100% parts to print. We do believe that statistical methods will predict how many defects will be produced, and even reduce that number, but they will not tell you which specific part is the reject. If you manage your outcome through statistical directives you can choose how many defects you ship to your customer but that number cannot be zero.

Question: Would you like to have every single part you receive from your molding supplier to have been 100% inspected, with written proof and a serial number on each part traceable back to the proof of dimensional print requirements? We do it every day. Too expensive you say? How expensive is your product failure in your customers’ eyes? Think about it long enough and you’ll realize that you’ve been shipping rejects to your customer in every shipment.

You will be surprised how inexpensive it is to ensure zero defects. Would you like to sleep better knowing that every part you send to your customer is within the dimensional requirements that you determined is a “must have” for your products to deliver a perfect result? I know we do. Contact Us today to see how we can work together to make this possible.

Larry K Floyd
President, Plastic Molded Concepts, Inc.