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Plastic Molded Concepts provides a variety of state-of-the-art plastic injection molding services. Our experience, in-house Master Molders and state-of-the-art-technologies give us the ability to consistently produce the most durable and consistent products tailored for mission-critical applications. Take a look at our variety of services and let us help you create high quality parts that meet your budget, quality, and delivery expectations.

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Plastic Processing Technology Expertise

We are Plastic Molded Concepts (PMC), one of the few plastic injection molding companies in the world that specializes in molding engineered resins. We specialize in the development of mission-critical components for industries like automation, aerospace and defense, medical, filtration, electronics, and food and beverage. In addition to your mold design, we specialize in both pre and post mold operations including overmolding, in-mold decoration, precision CNC machining, plastic welding and more.

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New Product Design and Development

We have entered the age of innovation. PMC has the expertise and capabilities to cater to new plastic designs and development.

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Design Assistance

We make use of best plastic resin process manuals and error proofing to identify the design process that will provide zero defects.

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Injection Molding Customer Consultations

We’ve seen the most complex plastic molding processes out there. Our team will identify how to best troubleshoot any issues.

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Question of the Month

How do I know if injection molding is the right process for my product?

This depends on your product – specifically, its design, purpose and anticipated production cycle. Your budgetary considerations will also be a factor. With that in mind, components with more complex geometries and a highly repetitive manufacturing process are excellent candidates for injection molding.

For a more detailed answer, contact us to speak with one of our Master Molders.

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Resources for Engineers

Resin Guide

Engineered Resins are used for durable goods and many military and industrial applications.

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PMC Brochure

We’ve helped customers develop and launch 10,000+ molded products. Here is our company, product and service overview.

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We are only as strong as our employees. We take great pride in our employees because they take great pride in producing quality components.
Anthony G. | PMC Injection Specialist
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