Overmolding is the precision plastic injection molding process where one material is molded over a second material. If the proper materials have been chosen, the two materials bond together chemically and mechanically.  This process yields a strong finished piece with a long life.

Overmolding can be less expensive than post-molding fabrication.  Material selection is important:  the two plastics do not have to be the same but they must be compatible. For instance, you should not plan on injection molding the second material onto the first material if the second material will melt or distort the first material. One should not deform the other where it matters.

High-Performance Overmolding

At PMC, our engineers have years of experience helping customers optimize an overmolding solution for their specific product. Our staff works with a wide range of engineered resin materials and can help you select the plastic and molding process to deliver consistent quality.

In addition to garden-variety overmolding, PMC has specialized experience in this type of molding for electronics applications.  One particular project involved overmolding a printed circuit board with flexible PVC.  The finished product had a male and female connector at opposite ends for a completely finished product ready to use in the electronic field application.

Here are a few of our more challenging projects. View our work gallery for more success stories then contact us to find out how our overmolding services might be right for you.

  • Aluminum core
  • Insert molding
  • Gold Plated copper insert
  • Stainless insert/bearing
  • Stainless insert/bearing surface
  • Thin copper plates
  • Threaded brass inserts
  • Two material molding
  • Two shot gasket molding.

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