Plastic Injection Mold Design

Plastic Injection Mold Design Services Enhance Manufacturability & Cost-Efficiencies

Many plastic injection mold design projects have landed with¬†PMC because others were not able to manufacture a product the way the customer had intended. Through no fault of their own, these issues usually occur because of a customer’s lack of knowledge in the plastic injection mold manufacturing processes.

Our plastic injection mold design services have renewed multiple projects after our engineering department diagnosed and provided solutions for improper mold design.

Our Master Molders typically find issues with the mold gate design, which leads to the part having too much molded-in stress for the finished product to survive in its intended environment.

We pride ourselves in helping the customer by becoming involved early in the plastic injection mold design process. Getting involved early helps prevent end-use product failures.

“One of our best customers asked us to bid on a project that others had already submitted their bids and the customer was complaining about not understanding what made the project so costly. We decided that before we would submit a bid we would have to sit with the engineer at our customers’ facility and find out what the expectations were, and see if we could find a way to help reduce the cost.

As it turned out all that was needed was our engineers to sit with their engineers and we discovered that one wall section in the very complicated part needed to be moved slightly so that the part did not have an undercut section requiring a side-core in the mold. The customer’s engineer had no problem with the slight modification which, as it turned out, was all it took to make the part cost justifiable. We got the order.

As we followed up on the sales engineering visit that produced this order we asked why such an obvious change had not been seen before we showed up in their engineering department. The answer was, “Because you were the only people that bothered to show up and ask the questions and sit with our engineers.”‘

See how we helped other customers!

We like early involvement. We know how to make a product more manufactureable and more cost-efficient.

Plastic Injection Mold Design Technologies

CAD/CAM/CAE Capabilities:

  • AutoCAD
  • Mold Advisor
  • Pro Engineer
  • SolidWorks
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