Product Design Assistance

Plastic Molded Concepts believes in getting involved early in the design process whenever possible. By doing this, we can often prevent design and quality challenges before you begin the injection mold design process. Once we know and understand your product application, our engineers will help guide you through the design and development stage.

Advanced Quality Planning (AQP) is used to launch new products with design and manufacturing processes that insure all of your cost, quality and delivery expectations are met. We make use of best practice manuals, quality history and error proofing to identify the design process that will provide zero defects at competitive pricing.

Plastic Molded Concepts works with several highly qualified local plastic injection mold builders to get the customer the best possible mold to suit the application requirements. We offer you tool construction project management, first article testing and final approval of all dimensions to meet your requirements.

Perhaps you have a product that does not meet your expectations. We take the time to do a detailed analysis of why the product is not performing in the way that it was intended and are often able to provide you with possible solutions. It may be that an alternative raw material is better for your application or the manufacturing processes are not quite right. Sometimes the mold design needs to be modified or enhanced. Contact us to find out how our knowledgeable staff can help you find solutions.