Plastic Molded Concepts:
We Specialize in Your Success

We offer you a broad range of innovative and technically advanced plastics processing services which gives us the ability to produce the most durable and consistent products possible. Whether you are at the design phase or have an existing project, our skilled team will insure that we provide you with reliable and cost-effective solutions that produce plastic molded parts without the need for extensive capital investment on your part. Our post-molding facilities offer you value-added services such as in-mold decoration, precision machining, thermal fusion, assemblies and packaging.

Although quality standards and methods have evolved over the years, our fundamental commitment to quality has not changed. Plastic Molded Concepts is dedicated to producing parts that exceed your expectations and consistently meet all appropriate quality standards.


50% Carbon Filled Peek

Recently we were asked to analyze a molding failure. The material being used for this product was 50% carbon filled PEEK (polyetheretherketone). The product molded with PEEK was having a More

50% Glass Filled PPS

Several years ago we were asked to analyze several molding failures. The material being used was 50% glass filled PPS (polyphelene sulfide). The problem was that the finished product was self-destructing several More

Delrin 100ST BK602

One of our now long time customers came to us with a product which required a burst pressure of 600 PSI and was not able to maintain this requirement throughout any production More